LCP successfully bid on a built-to-suit tender for The Kering Group, on an LCP optioned land plot west of Milan, Italy.
Our client, Kering, wanted this global hub (consisting of two Buildings, named "Building A" and "Building B") to be a world-class facility, achieving "LEED GOLD Certification" for the Building A and "LEED PLATINUM Certification" for the Building B, in what would be the highest rated certified logistics building in Italy to date.

LCP put its in-house engineers and technical experts to work with the client’s sustainability team. Working together, LCP and Kering defined the optimal building specification including cutting edge electrical and mechanical systems.
  • The project is located between the towns of Novara and Trecate and is connected to both town centers with a network of bicycle paths which integrates the project fully with the ad hoc system of public transportation;
  • The sustainability of the construction process itself, through the control of processes and site actions, in addition to the general project choices in terms of green spaces and water drainage systems;
  • The choice of building materials of certified origin, without disposal impacts, able to demonstrate the recyclability at least in a substantial part of them; 
  • The choice of geothermal system and cooling towers assist in the heating and cooling for both buildings, A and B;
  • The entire roof is surfaced by solar panel units, generating surplus energy which can be fed back into the grid and so allowing Kering to negotiate better fixed energy terms with local Italian suppliers;
  • The management and saving of water consumption;
  • The quality of indoor environments, as regards to air, light, and working comfort;
  • In general, the innovation of the project process.

As a result of LCP and Kering collaboration, the project aims to have the PLATINUM level for both Buildings A and B and the compatibility to the future “WELL Certification” for the Offices
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