Primark Plans 86,000 sqm site

2nd October 2015 | in News | by Logistics Manager

Primark has chosen a 16 ha site at Roosendaal between Antwerp and Rotterdam to be the hub serving its northern European network of retail stores. It is taking a ten-year lease on the site at Borchwerf Business Park. In Phase 1 it is planning a 56,000 sqm unit to open in mid-2016.

There is also scope for a further 30,000 sqm to be developed in Phase 2. The site is being developed for Primark by Logistics Capital Partners. Managing director Kristof Verstraeten said: “The height, size and design mark this building as truly exceptional. We pride ourselves on having the capabilities and flexibility to be able to deliver this new breed of large-scale sophisticated facility, in a market which more generally still fails to meet the needs of today’s global retailers.

“For example, above the loading and unloading zone at the front of the building a three floored mezzanine will be constructed with a rack system for hanging garments. Due to extra building height, being 16 metres below eaves, there is also 40 per cent extra stocking capacity per square meter in the zone with traditional racking.

“The building will be developed with the latest construction techniques and is compliant with the highest standards for building isolation. For the functional building design, we combined our own international expertise with the experience and input of Primark and our Netherlands project team.”

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