Asset Management and Deal Advisory Services for Tritax Eurobox plc (“Tritax”), a €600m LSE-listed investment trust.

LCP Responsibilities

Investment Strategy

Acquisition of pan-European core logistics portfolio for Tritax.

Designing investment strategy and acquisition parameters, assisting in the negotiation of asset purchases, transaction due diligence and deal structuring.

Sourcing existing or potential assets through LCPs European agency network.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Underwriting asset purchases and formulating annual Business Plans.

Monthly reporting to Tritax in relation to annual operating and capex budgets and setting performance targets.

Revising and flexing in-year asset budgets and reporting on any significant variances.

Asset Management

Advise Tritax of initiatives to maximise returns within pre-defined risk parameters. Ensure that direct and indirect lease obligations are complied with, including payments, repairing, H&S responsibilities.

Creating effective tenant relationships and establishing leasing guidelines to secure optimum covenant strength and to minimise operational cost leakage. Selection of, engagement and monitoring of appointed property facility-manager.

Leasing Services

Direct leasing of vacant units and/or monitoring of 3rd party leasing agents and void strategy.

Refurbishment Management

Appointment and coordination of all professional 3rd parties to deliver value-enhancing capex projects.

Repair & Maintenance review

Ensure tenants fulfil R&M covenants.

TRITAX Benefits

Local Network

LCP is able to source off-market investment product and unlock opportunities at the national European level which would not necessarily be possible to Tritax as a UK-only operation.

Risk Management

By appointing LCP, Tritax gain access to its specialist logistics expertise and high-quality asset management. It also avoids the capital and time cost required to create a European office network of its own.

Product Pipeline

Tritax benefits from a first right of refusal on LCPs development pipeline. In an environment of diminishing yield and increasing competition for existing product, access to a development pipeline is critical for Tritax to scale.
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