Mathieu Olive

Mathieu Olive

Mathieu has more than fiveyears of professional experience in the logistics real estatesector working on asset management, transactions and development projects. He joined Logistics Capital Partners in August 2015 and was promoted partner in late 2018. 

Before this, Mathieu worked for 18 months in Paris as a Logistics Asset Manager, where he successfully managed a 400,000 sqm core logistic portfolio focused on France and Spain, on behalf of the fund LOGISTIS –managedby AEW Europe.

Mathieu graduated from Toulouse Business School with aMaster’s degreein Corporate Finance. 

He speaks French, English and (some) Spanish.

Asset Management Track record

In his role at AEW, Mathieu was responsible for the legal, technical and financial management of a core logistics  portfolio of 400,000 sqm valued at 300 M€ (2015). He successfully performed the following activities:

  • Commercialization of vacant areas;
  • Lease negotiation and renegotiation;
  • Preparationand analysisof portfolio cash flow;
  • Management of works, ten years liability insurance and legal expertiseprocedures.

Under Mathieu’s management, the portfolio’s value has significantly increased due to successful leasing of vacant units, tenant retention negotiation and performance of strategic works. 

Development track record

In  his  role  as Development  Manager  at  Logistics  Capital  Partners,  Mathieu  has  been  involved  in various  projects  across  Europe  (UK,  France,  Italy,  Spain,  Benelux,  Poland).  His  strong  project management  and  risk  management  skills  efficiently  came  into  force  when  working  oncomplex built-to-suit projectswithtight timelines.
  • Mathieu was involved in the following Logistics Capital Partners successful projects:
  • Secured site and pre-let development of 107,000 sqm for Amazon in Vercelli, Italy
  • Secured site and pre-let development of 156,000 sqm (multi-level) for Amazon in Torrazza (Turin), Italy
  • Secured site and pre-let development of 162,000 sqm (2 buildings) for a major 3PL in Trecate (Milan), Italy
  • Speculative acquisition of a 13-hectare sitein Torija (Madrid), Spain
  • Speculative acquisition of a 14-hectare brownfield site in Corbeil-Essonnes (Paris), France


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